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BIO POWER Jsc. is established in 2003 and its subject of activity is consultancy services in the energy field, finance and structuring of projects as well as construction of energy powers.

Development of renewable energy sources is a priority in the energy policy of Bio Power. The share of energy, produced from RES in Europe is about 9 %, while in Bulgaria it is significantly lower - around 4%. The incentives set in Bulgarian Energy Legislation for encouragement the production of energy from RES are:
  • Priority connection to electricity distribution or electricity transmission network;
  • Obligatory purchase of the energy produced from RES;
  • Defining preferential prices for electrical energy from RES;

The Company’s investment program is directed to structuring and construction of energy projects in the fields of biomass, photovoltaic, and co-generation. The company is owner of Vinarsko photovoltaic project with power of 2MW, major owner of a Heating Plant in the town of Ihtiman, as well as a shareholder in Dolna Lipnitsa a photovoltaic park with power of 2,7MW.

The company provides full vertical integrated solutions in the energy sector in Bulgaria, starting from consulting services, project development, building power capacities and their subsequent maintenance and operation.

In 2009 BIO POWER has successfully passed the certification under ISO 9001:2008 standards for the scope of:

  • Management of the development and implementation of projects for heating plants, electric plants and thermo electric power stations, through the utilization of renewable energy sources and related consultancy
  • Management of the heating plants, power and thermal power stations
  • Energy efficiency study and certification of buildings

BIO POWER Jsc. represent the American company Waukesha Engine in Bulgaria

  • Manufacture of co-generating gas engines with a capacity of up to 4MW
  • Established in 1906
  • Main branch of Dresser, Inc.
  • Design, construction and Putting into operation of co-generating gas engines
  • Specialise in natural gas and other alternative types of fuel
  • www.waukeshaengine.com

  • Series VGF

  • - from 250KWe - up to 800KWe
  • Series APG

  • - from 1000KWe - up to 4000KWe



BIO POWER Jsc. is a representative partner of Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe Gmbh.

The Japanese concern is a leader in the manufacture of gas turbines for a combined generation of heat and electricity. It offers a great range of products:

  • 680KW
  • 1.5MW
  • 2.9MW
  • Up to 17,5MW

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