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BIOMASS projects cover the utilization of wood biomass for energy, one of the renewable energy resources, which generates low-cost heating power and produces a number of synergic eco-friendly effects for both the settlements and the environment itself.
The price competitiveness of the heating power generated by wood biomass is beyond any doubt when compared to any other types of fuel. This has been proved by a number of projects implemented in mountainous and semi-mountainous settlements in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and other European Union states.


Bio Power Ltd. successfully completed a 3MW District heating project via biomass in the City of Ihtiman with potential to increase the capacity to 10MW.

biomassMain advantages of the project:

  • Utilization of efficient technology for Burning Wood chips and Natural gas.
  • Supply of hot water for communal heating and domestic hot water (latest to be implemented soon).
  • Full automation of the production and distribution processes.
  • About 40% lower prices compared to other heating options.

Basic facts:

  • Built within a period of 8 months
  • Pilot foundation
  • 7,2 km pipe network
  • Automated management of subscriber stations




Impending heating projects via biomass:


  • Power – 3 MW Heat
  • Investment – 3 M EUR
  • Status – design
  • Construction start date – 2009
  • Exploitation start date – 2010


  • Power – 6 MW Heat
    – 1,2 MW Electric
  • Investment – 6 M EUR
  • Status – design
  • Construction start date – 2010
  • Exploitation start date – 2011

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