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The examination and certification of buildings are carried out in order to assess and certify whether the buildings comply with the respective regulations for energy efficiency and to improve the energy characteristics of the buildings.

Survey is carried out on the basis of Art. 169, para. 1, item 6 of the Law on territory Planning and also article 20, para. (1) and para. (2) of the Energy Efficiency Law (LEE).
Under thе LEE article 20 para.(1) Contracting parties are obliged to obtain a certificate of energy efficiency of the buildings within a period not less than three and not more than six years from the date of entering into service. Para.(2) Before issuance of the certificate under para. (1) Energy efficiency of Buildings are certified with an energy passport, which is part of a technical passport of the building and certify that according to the requirements of Art. 169, para. 1, item 6 of the Law on territory Planning.

BIO POWER Jsc. holds required certificates (Accreditation Certificates No СА-ОСС-0080/17.05.2006 and Certificate № 00078/04.06.2009) issued by the Energy Efficiency Agency to carry out examination on buildings. These certificates certify the availability of the necessary human resources and equipment for carrying out a study on buildings.  

BIO POWER Jsc. has successfully implemented analysis and made recommendations for the following sites:

  • City Center Sofia Mall
  • Technomarket chain of stores and buildings
  • Tamplier Complex in the town of Bansko
  • Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Bansko
  • Hotel Pirin Bansko
  • Hotel Mura Bansko
  • Orpheus Spa Hotel - Devin
  • Cinemas centers Arena Zapad and Arena Mladost
  • Main Building of Bulgarian National Bank Sofia
  • Main Building of Corporate Commercial Bank
  • Landmark Center Sofia

The examination of buildings comprises of a detailed analysis of the energy flows and the costs of a particular energy user to release recommendations on specific measures to improve energy efficiency.

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